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Cultural Crossroads supports the full exercise of religious liberty for all and is opposed to any limitation on immigration based upon religious restrictions. The United States was founded on the basis of freedom, and religious liberty is one of the most basic of those freedoms. Any classification or treatment of citizens or immigrants based upon religion is counter to the very ideals of America and what America stands for. If America loses our unique position in the world as the bastion of religious liberty, it will not only destroy the American dream, it will destroy the preeminent position of the United States in the eys of the world....and history. Dated January 29, 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIENDSHIP FAIR: October 8, 2016 Cultural Crossroads hosted a multicultural event with over 20 nonprofits organizations joining to teach about those in our community. Read about it in the article at See photos (and post photos) on our Facebook page.
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“…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…” This year has seen numerous rallies and marches, most of them promoting a positive agenda in favor of women, minorities, the environment and education. Although Cultural Crossroads does not take a position on political issues, some of our directors and supporters have been involved in these positively-oriented events. Unfortunately, Cultural Crossroads is unable to support a rally which is planned for June 10, 2017 in many cities, including Kansas City, and must take a stand against the avowed purpose of this particular gathering. The rally in question (the so-called “March Against Sharia”) does not promote any positive agenda or advocate any positive change for our society. The sponsoring organization, ACT for America, calls itself “the NRA of national security” and uses language of mobilization, saying they are “fighting for” national security. ACT (the   website,   ironically,   says   the   acronym   stands   for   “American   Congress   for   Truth”)   is   admittedly an    anti-Muslim    group    and    is    listed    as    a    “hate    group”    by    the    Southern    Poverty    Law    Center.          Various   far-right   and   alt-right   “militia   groups”   will   be   “providing   security”   according   to   the   event website.       As   a   champion   of   all   cultural   and   religious   heritage,   Cultural   Crossroads   laments   the spewing of hate speech and, thus, cannot support the ACT event. This   statement   is   addressed   to   the   organizers   of   the   “March”   as   well   as   to   those   plan   a   counter protest   and   all   who   support   either   side.       Although   we   cannot   support   the   message   of   the   “March” as   planned   for   June   10,   we   request   all   parties   to   remember   the   “peaceable   assembly”   guaranteed by the First Amendment. Our   First   Amendment   guarantee   of   Freedom   of   Speech   and   Freedom   of   Assembly   are among   the   most   cherished   American   freedoms   and   it   is   not   our   intent   here   to   attempt,   in any   way,   to   detract   from   anyone’s   ability   to   speak   out   and   to   meet   in   peaceable   assembly.     We    are    concerned,    however,    whenever    an    assembly    is    self-described    as    targeting    a particular   ethnic,   cultural   or   religious   minority.     We   are   particularly   concerned   when   private “militias”   act   as   “security”   in   any   public   arena.     ( NOTE:   While   the   Second   Amendment   does mention   a   “well   regulated   militia”   as   part   of   the   definition   of   rights,   there   are   contradictory interpretations   of   that   term.       We   posit   that   the   constitutional   phrase   does   not   include groups similar to those who plan to “provide security” during the proposed event.) We   call   upon   all   those   who   gather,   whether   in   support   of   the   so-called   “March”   or   those who   counter   the   display   of   hatred,   ignorance   and   bigotry,   to   remember   that   “peaceable assembly”   is   not   only   what   is   protected   under   the   First   Amendment   –   it   is   the   bedrock   of the   Bill   of   Rights.     Peaceable   assembly   guarantees   that   all   may   gather   and   all   may   speak and   all   may   be   heard.     Cultural   Crossroads   urges   all   citizens   to   take   advantage   of   those rights   –   but   cautions   all   citizens   to   refrain   from   violence   in   order   to   allow   those   rights   for   all citizens. 30 May 2017
A Call for an End to Hatred Cultural Crossroads expresses deep sorrow at recent instances of hate violence in our midst. These past few days have seen several incidents of ethnic and religious hatred in the heart of the Midwest, from desecration of a Jewish cemetery in the St. Louis, MO, area to murder and attempted murder in Olathe, KS. The desecration of the cemetery, occurring with a background of threats to Jewish community organizations around the country, is acknowledg ed as hate violence. Although authorities are, so far, hesitate to label the Olathe, Kansas, incident as a "hate crime” (under all the specificities of that designation), witnesses of that event report ethnic slurs were directed at two men from India prior to the violence. We extend our most profound sympathies to the victims, their families and communities....and to our entire community, which is lessened by such acts of hatred. Hatred and hate violence are too evident in our society and are the result of a mindset that divides people and holds some segments of our community to be "superior" to others. No population is “superior” to any other population and those who condone and cause violence, by definition, contradict any notion of “superiority.” In each case, we do find hope from the courage of those who stand against such violence. We are amazed at the selfless courage of a bystander in Olathe, who himself became a shooting victim as he tried to stop the assailant, and we are warmed by the outpouring of support from the Muslim community, which raised tens of thousands of dollars to repair the Jewish cemetery. At the same time, we are distressed that such actions are necessary. Cultural Crossroads works to promote the idea of equality of people of all cultures and the mutual respect that provides a peaceful society. We call on all people, of all cultures and life philosophies, to remove concepts of “superiority” and “otherness” from our vocabularies and to replace them with the concepts of “equality” and “humankind.” We can be better than this – we must be better than this. Dated: February 23, 2017
THERE IS NO ROOM FOR HATE To oppose hatred and violence is not making a political statement – it is taking a moral position. To refrain from calling out hatred and violence is to implicitly condone hatred and violence. Cultural Crossroads specifically calls out and disapproves of racism, hatred, and violence. We also call upon our leaders to take a moral position and to disavow such acts. What we have seen in Virginia is hatred, not politics. Statements like “Jews will not replace us” are designed solely to enflame fear and hatred and to separate Americans into armed camps. Employing words and symbols from the 1930s is a deliberate attempt to recreate the fear that led to war and genocide. In those days of nearly a century ago, the United States stood proud against genocide and led the free world to oppose the tyranny of hate --- are we now, in less than 100 years, to find ourselves destroyed from within by those same forces? We call upon all people to back away from hatred, from violence, from condemnation of the “other” –and, most of all, from the Fear that reduces thought to unthinking reaction. The United States is better than this! We are all better than this! Disagree on principle; argue your side of an issue; debate what is best for our society – but use your mind, not your fists. Remember that this society is not simply one country among many in the world – the USA has, from the beginning, been formed from ideals, not just a collection of historical events. This is our heritage and this is what the US has to offer the world – hope, unity, a future for all. Do not let hatred destroy it. 12 August 2017
FAMILY CRISIS AT THE BORDER The crisis is not “just” a family crisis and the tragic results do not affect only the families who have endured forced separation. This is a national crisis and its results will reverberate and affect the United States forever. The new Executive Order, which purports to end that forced separation, does not change what has happened under the auspices of the government of the USA. This is not simply a question of “secure” borders -- every nation has the right to control its space, but… (SEE OUR BLOG POST TO CONTINUE ARTICLE) 24 June 2018


We are New Zealand! a statement in support of New Zealand: We at Cultural Crossroads are shocked and horrified at the terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch. Hatred and violence have no place in a civilized society. We stand with the victims and with all peoples of the world against all such acts and the fear and hatred that forms the base for such attacks. We stand, not just with our Muslim friends and neighbors, but with all thinking, feeling citizens of Earth, in opposing hatred in any form and denounce violence as a means of expression. We stand with you; we cry with you; WE ARE YOU. 16 March 2019